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Renee grew up in Middletown, Maryland, and now lives in Adamstown, Maryland. After spending over 25 years as an advocate and a caregiver for her son with special needs, she is now running for office to bring her experiences and a new perspective to the Frederick County Council.

Renee spent the last six years serving on the Board of Directors of The Women's Democratic League of Frederick County. During this time, she worked with community members, elected officials, and local non-profit organizations to promote the values of equality and community service. After her countywide election in 2018, she also served the last three years on the Frederick County Democratic State Central Committee, helping to elect candidates and advance democratic values.

In the 1990s, when not much was known about autism and autistic children were routinely underserved, Renee worked with doctors, specialists, therapists and Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) schools to advocate for a new plan to help her son become as independent as possible. For over 20 years, Renee built connections with professionals working in the emerging field of autism therapy, encouraging information sharing and collaboration. Her advocacy enabled her son’s  graduation from Tuscarora High School and successful transition to employment as a grocery store cashier in Frederick County.

Renee spent years as a volunteer in FCPS in the classrooms and PTSA in support of her son and daughter. Her experiences with both special education and gifted and talented education have shaped her views of the importance of investment in public education, and her time on the PTSA sparked her further interest in advocacy across Frederick County.

Renee graduated from Middletown High School and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice from Mount St. Mary's University in Emmitsurg, Maryland. She, her husband Chris, and their son, live in Adamstown.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to get to know Renee!

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